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Emergency Water Restoration

When disaster strikes, Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning in Austin, TX, wants you to know that you are not alone in this situation. Hundreds of homes and business in our area are affected by flooding and water damage from storms or burst pipes each year, so we understand the devastating effect this can have on your family and your belongings. Our team is on call 24/7 for emergency water damage restoration services. The sooner you start getting professional help, the better the outcome of a restoration will be.

Understanding Water Damage Terminology

It’s easy to feel powerless and overwhelmed in the face of a flooding accident. Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning is here to treat you like family and share our professional knowledge to help you feel in control and make important decisions. One important factor to understand and assess right away is the category of damage, which is usually based on the source of the water. The category will influence how severe the damage is and how much can be restored.

Category 1

Category 1 is the least serious condition because the source of the water damage is clear water. Clear water may not be completely clear, but the term refers to a leak from a sanitary water source, like a burst pipe or sink overflow. Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning will use basic procedures to extract the water and dry the space with dehumidifiers and other equipment.

Category 2

This type of damage is also known as gray water, and again, the color term is more indicative of the source than the actual color. Category 2 damage means the water may be mildly contaminated and isn’t safe to drink or may cause sickness even if it’s already evaporated. Example of gray water include large amounts of still, standing water or overflows from a dishwasher. Our team can still restore this kind of damage, but we’ll take special care to clean and disinfect the area so your family can return safely.

Category 3

Category 3 is the most serious kind of damage, and it’s called black water because it’s highly toxic or contaminated, like sewage or seawater. This level of damage usually does require complete replacement to ensure safety from pathogens, but fortunately, Category 3 damage is rare.

Contact Our Team 24 Hours a Day

Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning in Austin, TX, is always ready to preserve, protect, and restore your property after water damage. Call us 24 hours a day for fast, professional service. We’ll be on site in Central Texas as soon as possible and will provide our professional assessment of the situation before getting started on water extraction, disinfecting, and drying your space.

While accidents and storms like these are never something to wish for, unfortunately they aren’t uncommon in Texas. Even though we wish water damage wasn’t a problem, our team does have experience helping other homeowners in your situation. We have the right equipment and expertise to help get your life back on track as best as possible.

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