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Your Flooring Experts

Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning brings over 20 years of experience in the flooring business to Austin, TX. We may be a business but we’ve always been a family-oriented team and treat our employees and customers with that attitude in mind. We feel like we’ve done our job when you come to us for flooring services and start to feel like family during your interactions with us, from the first phone call or visit, to the planning, estimates, and house calls.

Catering to Your Needs

One way we strive to make you feel comfortable with our services is through an incredibly professional team spirit. All of our cleaning and service technicians arrive in uniform, with deep knowledge and training. In fact, all of our service employees are IICRC-certified to do their work with confidence and professionalism when dealing with your personal property or workplace.

Our expert cleaning technicians can keep your commercial or residential property looking and feeling fresh and new with regularly scheduled deep cleaning tailored to the type and condition of your flooring. With free estimates and 24-hour water restoration services, we make it easy to keep your floors in great shape.

Flexible, Convenient Scheduling

Our services are only as good as they are accessible. That’s why we offer extremely versatile, flexible scheduling to fit your life conveniently. In some cases, we can even offer same-day service if at all possible. Just give us a call today in Austin, TX, and ask the Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning team about our current availability to handle your carpet, tile, vinyl, or other flooring ASAP!

Warren - Cleaning ManagerWarren Stoker, Cleaning Manager, Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wear protective shoe covers while cleaning?

Yes. Our technicians are always in uniform, use shoe covers, and treat your property with the same respect as if it was our own.

Are your technicians required to pass background checks?

Yes. All technicians are required to pass background checks. We also verify that our employees have and maintain perfect driving records.

Do you move furniture for carpet and tile cleaning?

Yes. If your cleaning technicians don’t move furniture, it means they are missing potential damage and failing to ensure the whole floor is clean and hygienic. Call us instead!

Do you provide carpet repair services?

Yes. If your carpet was damaged with a spill, stain, or burn, we can evaluate the damage and repair it. We also offer serious water damage restoration post-flood or after other major problems.

Do you provide odor removal services?

Yes. Regardless of the source of the odor, we’ll lift it out of the carpets and even wash the walls to fully eliminate the smell.

Do you provide rug cleaning services?

Yes. We can spot clean and completely clean rugs of all materials, including heirloom antiques.

Do you clean natural stone?

Yes. Our team has the training and supplies to treat every surface of your home individually according to its requirements, including stone, tile, vinyl, and more.

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