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Make Your Flooring Look Brand New

Vinyl is extremely durable, long-lasting, versatile in color and style, and affordable. It’s no wonder that vinyl is used as an increasingly common flooring material in homes and offices. If you picture vinyl as your grandmother’s patterned kitchen floor, don’t be fooled! Today, vinyl flooring comes in a huge range of colors, textures, and styles. We should know, because Flooring Warehouse sells, installs, and maintains it every day.

In order to keep your vinyl floor looking brand-new for years, you’ll need to periodically hire Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning for a professional cleaning. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

If you’re a commercial client with a large space covered in vinyl, you can contact Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning to plan cleaning and repair services at regular intervals daily, weekly, monthly, or in any timeframe that’s most convenient for you.

Our team will tackle your flooring so it always looks great, even on days with lots of heavy foot traffic. Call us or send us an email with details about your building size and cleaning needs, and we’ll provide a free estimate right away.

Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Flooring Between Services

To keep your vinyl flooring looking as fresh as the last time we serviced it, here are a few tips you can use between maintenance visits if needed. Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning has also included advice for preventing the most common scratches and scuffs from furniture and heavy items.

First, keep the floors clean with simple care. Wipe up spills right away, and skip harsh cleaners for just some warm water. If you do need a cleaning solution on a non-waxed vinyl floor, make sure any product you use is formulated specifically for no-wax vinyl and remove the residue after cleaning with a damp cloth.

You can help your flooring last longer by purchasing furniture with protective rubber feet or adding stick-on protectors to the bottom of furniture yourself to avoid scratches.

Try not to use furniture with rolling casters, either, or put plastic stoppers around the wheels. If you have to move a large piece of furniture or an appliance like a refrigerator, lay out sheets of plywood over the floor (or at least cardboard) in a path from the doorway so the heavy furniture isn’t dragged or pushed directly against the vinyl.

As much as possible, keep your flooring dry because excess water can seep into cracks and seams and do damage to the adhesive below the surface.

Finally, as simple as it sounds, doormats are your best protection from scratches caused by dirt and grit tracked inside on the soles of shoes. A quick brush off as you come through the door can lead to a more attractive and longer-lasting floor!

Schedule a Professional Cleaning