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Improve Your Air Quality

Indoor air quality can have a significant impact on your health, especially if you, a coworker, or a family member is sensitive to the kinds of dust, pollen, mold, and other allergens that get carried through the vents. Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning will provide the air duct cleaning you need to stay safe and healthy. We also handle professional dryer maintenance.

Manage Your Environment

Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning can help you manage your indoor environment in two ways.

First, our flooring cleaning services remove particles that are embedded in the floor, especially in long carpet fibers.

Second, the results of our professional carpet cleaning services only last as long as the heating and cooling air ducts in your home push clean air through the vents. If your vents are dirty, running the heating or air conditioning will simply bring all those contaminants right back into the room to settle into the carpet. Our team can give the entire duct system and air vents a full cleaning. Once the carpets and vents are clean, the air inside your home remains fresh and pure for longer.

Air Duct Cleaning

If you haven’t hired a professional to clean the air duct system in your home in a long time, your HVAC system may actually have a significant level of dirt, dust, or blockages that could impact the efficiency of your system. If you’ve noticed that your heating and cooling units seem to be running poorly, losing airflow pressure, or causing your energy bills to rise, call us before you invest in a whole new system. It may just be that a good cleaning will boost your system efficiency back to full power again! From the grill on the vent to the central or main HVAC unit, we have the specialized tools to get to all the tough places and ensure a thorough duct cleaning.

That includes special brushes designed to reach through the whole duct and high-powered vacuums to ensure every kind of particulate matter is removed.

We’re also happy to check your air filter, which should be changed every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type of filter. If you need a recommendation for an air filter that cuts down on more debris to improve air quality, we’ll suggest one that fits your system, including top-quality HEPA filters to eliminate virtually all foreign particles from the air. Ask us for a free estimate or talk to your service technician during your next carpet cleaning visit.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Like your HVAC system, your clothes dryer can accumulate dust and debris to the point it becomes inefficient at drying clothes or even at risk of starting a fire. It’s important to have your home’s dryer vents checked at least once per year to ensure that you aren’t putting your property at risk of fire or just paying too much on your energy bills due to low-efficiency drying.

Schedule a Professional Cleaning