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Refresh Your Tile

Even if you have carpet throughout most of your home or office, you most likely have at least a little bit of tile work in a kitchen or bathroom. Calling in different teams of professionals for different parts of your home is a hassle, so Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning in Austin, TX, provides all the flooring services you need with just one phone call.

You can schedule carpet and tile cleanings together or just choose a targeted surface by calling our team today and taking advantage of our flexible scheduling options. If it’s convenient, you can even ask us if we have same-day service available in your area.

Why Clean Tile Flooring

You might be thinking that because tile is a hard surface, it won’t trap the particles that cause problems in carpet fibers, like bacteria and mold. What’s wrong with wiping down hard surfaces as part of your regular cleaning and calling it a day?

The issue is that even though tile looks like an impermeable hard surface, it’s actually quite porous. Tile can absorb chemicals and bacteria, which can become a problem because tile is often used in areas, like the kitchen or bathroom, that should also be the most hygienic.

Restore Your Grout

Dirt, food, makeup, chemicals, and other staining fluids will inevitably discolor fresh white grout lines over time. Often, this occurs so slowly that it’s easy to forget what color the grout used to be. Trust our team when we say that you’ll definitely notice the difference after a professional cleaning. The before-and-after results of a good tile cleaning are dramatic, especially if you don’t regularly schedule a professional deep clean with the Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning.

The Professional Cleaning Difference

If you do a little searching online or talk to DIY enthusiasts, you’ll find plenty of tips for how to clean tile and grout by yourself. It’s true—you can try common home remedies like baking soda or vinegar to spruce up tile, but we recommend DIY cleanings just for touch-ups in between professional cleanings.

Why? First of all, Flooring Warehouse Carpet Cleaning uses the strongest, most industrial-grade tile cleaning machine available on the market. No old toothbrush or scrubbing pad is a match for the kind of professional quality equipment we bring to the job. Our cleaning machine means you aren’t on your knees for hours on end scrubbing around each and every tile. And, at the same time, our machine offers more dramatic results thanks to the high-powered engine. Aside from being labor-intensive and less effective, home remedies aren’t as good at truly disinfecting and cleaning the way a professional team can.

Schedule a Professional Cleaning